The whole world

it's your playground

More than having FUN !

How to play?

1. Searching

Follow the prompts to find out the checkpoint location

2. Observe

Follow the prompts to observe the scene

3. Puzzle

Combine the props and clues in each of you to solve the puzzle



Bomb and Escape

On a dark and stormy night, all the prison cells were suddenly unlocked and a note was left: "A bomb has been set in the prison, and there are 90 minutes left before the explosion."

You must defuse the bomb and escape from the prison within the time limit...


雙人成團 便可以於[美之山丘]一同解謎拆彈、送coffeeflow現金券

Diary of Missing Patient

One of the patient of LCK mental hospital was missing! The hospital found his diary while sorting out the patient's belongings.

You are called together to find of the missing patients...

Running Pet

Legend has it that as long as you capture the footprints of the God of Pet Pet and complete the tasks left by him, the owner and Pet Pet will be blessed by him!

Start your mission on the Beautiful Hill with your pet now, and find out the clues that left by the God of Pet Pet!

Night Treasure Hunt

According to legend, Dr.J collected the treasures he collected all over the world.

and one of them, is the "MAGIC LAMP"!

To find out the legendary treasure, you, who had the treasure map decided to visit the hill at night with your companions...

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What is an Alternate Reality Game?

The main feature of an Alternate Reality Game is "Reality".

The plots that appear on TV shows, computers, movies, and even fantasy can be presented in real through the game. It also allows participants to experience a more immersive experience than other games before.

More than that, the interaction during the game and the experience of working together to achieve the goal will cultivate deeper revolutionary emotions and deepen the connection between participants.


As the story develops, a puzzle needs to be solved at each stage before the plot goes on.

Solving puzzles does not require lots of technique,but the process is really interesting!You only need to be careful and discuss the question with your companions, and think about the question carefully! You can also gain a sense of achievement!

Story x Cultural History

Wonderful and attractive story!

The story is based on a real historical and cultural background, connecting the puzzles and locatins together!

When you are immersed in the story,you can also gain more and more information about the historical facts of your environment!

Pit others wits x Companions

To increase the difficulty of the game, we have even reversed the plot, and each character has its own hidden mission!

Apart from understanding the main storyline, you also need to wrestle with your companions! Having no idea who is the enemy or companion, and the intrigue of other players are also the most attractive part of our game!

Suitable for ...

Friends & Family

If you're planning a fun and memorable outing with friends and family, this is the place to be.

Corporate & Team​

Combined with corporate training, through game levels and situational content aimed at "team building", assist the team to develop communication, cooperation and innovative thinking behavior patterns, and enhance team members' mutual understanding by solving level puzzles, discussing decision-making, and sharing feedback. Opportunities for interaction and exchange to jointly create the value of the team.


When you visit Hong Kong, don't miss Hong Kong's first Script Killing Experience that combines historical sites with the outdoors.


A successful team building activity not only can positively deepen the relationship and tacit among team members, to achieve the goal of team building, but can also enhance the workplace relationship among colleagues.

Level Up provides a customized way to create an enterprise-specific reality game. It can not only flexibly adjust the design according to the number of participants, indoor and outdoor venues, and holding time. Under the coherent situational arrangement, the team can be more organized. Naturally invest in the game competition, and at the same time, it can also integrate the unique culture and beliefs of the company into the content of the level, arouse the spark of teamwork, and cultivate a team tacit understanding that can be taken away!

Complete event planning for Team Building

The game levels and puzzles are designed based on the needs of Team Building. The difficulty and fun are suitable for novie challenges. The game focuses more on the traning and trainging of "Team Power" and "Innovative Power".

Customized elastic adjustment

The number of players, venue, and time can all be adjusted flexibly, and the game content and way of playing can also be customized.

Professional management consulting courses

We provide service options that cooperate with "Professional Lecturers in Management Consulting", which can be combined with "Ice Breaking Activities" and "Guided Courses" before or after the game. With the guidance and stimulation of professional instructors, the message to be conveyed by the event is more complete and profound.