Level UP people with society

Event Planning Company

Level UP combines social issues with reality games, and integrates social issues and games into the gaming environment and story theme so that participants can play fun. At the same time, the game could also educate the public. It will be unique and educational, providing an unusual gaming experience.

Principles of our game design

"Social Issues X Reality Games"

All Level UP games are based on innovation, breakthrough, fun, and mind-twisting, stimulating sensory by offering different experiences to sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

Participants could learn from the games. By creating game content and stage property based on the needs, space and purpose of the game. The game could have a special meaning and pertinence. There are also different degrees of difficulty to meet the different needs of different players.

The duration of Level UP games is about 1 to 2 hours. Our game mainly targets enterprises, teams and individual consumers. For players in groups or from enterprises, family and friends, it is suitable for all of you to explore and play in the urban oasis. During the puzzle game, you can also dive into nature, take photos, and enjoy the fun of sloving puzzles and exploring nature with other players.

Create a unique alternate reality game based on your needs


We will first learn about the aim, theme and targets of the game. We will then provide professional advice to you after the site inspection. After implementation, we will conceive and start preparing your game, customizing property and required materials, and your own alternate reality game will finally launch!

Understanding the situation

Learn about theaim/theme and participants of the game


On-site insoections/site advice provided


Conceive game: story, levels and details


Prepare and customizeprops and materials

Ready to go

Launch the game

Our targets


Non-traditional training, increase effectiveness and deepen understanding between colleagues


Bring out social issues through games,and arouse public attention

Exhibition Venue

Enhance interaction with exhibits,make the visit more interesting


Gamification teaching to enhance learning interest,or for school activities

Individual Consumer

Couples, family, friends, with your pets, etc...increase interaction and create memories