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A successful team building activity not only can positively deepen the relationship and tacit among team members, to achieve the goal of team building, but can also enhance the workplace relationship among colleagues.

Benefits for Enterprise

Level Upprovides a number of team building games and training activities for various corporate groups that enhance leadership and development potential of participants.

We also provide a customized way to create an enterprise-exclusive reality game, which can not only adjust flexibly according to the limitations of the number of participants, indoor and outdoor venues, and duration of the game but also make the team more natural under the coherent situational arrangement. Invest in the game competition, and meanwhile, you can integrate the unique culture and belief of your company into the spark of teamwork, and cultivate the team's tacit understanding!

Complete event planning for Team Building

The game levels and puzzles are designed based on the needs of Team Building. The difficulty and fun are suitable for novie challenges. The game focuses more on the traning and trainging of "Team Power" and "Innovative Power".

Customized elastic adjustment

The number of players, venue, and time can all be adjusted flexibly, and the game content and way of playing can also be customized.

Professional management consulting courses

We provide service options that cooperate with "Professional Lecturers in Management Consulting", which can be combined with "Ice Breaking Activities" and "Guided Courses" before or after the game. With the guidance and stimulation of professional instructors, the message to be conveyed by the event is more complete and profound.

Enterprise activity x Alternate Reality Game

Team building can enhance the cohesion between enterprises and employees, and effectively enhance the competitiveness of company. It is a high-return investment for employees and one of the most effective training to slove the problem of cooperation between employees.

Employees can cultivate new thinking, and creativity, improve self-worth and gain opportunities for higher income through team building. Participating in training can allow them to become more competitive in the workplace, strengthen occupational stability, and enhance their employability. Participating in team building can also improve the quality of work of your employees, strength their physical and mental health to increase the productivity of your company and improve the overall management. Team Building can also enhance employees' sense of responsibility and belonging to the company, give full play to the maximum gain of human resources, and create stronger and greater benefits for the enterprise!

Creative Thinking

Use different ideas to reason out the truth, to understand there could be more than one truth, and many things can also think beyond.

Face Challenges

If players encounter difficulties in the game, they can try to solve the difficulties in a different way to find out the truth.

Break the Rules

When the solution direction is different from that of the peers in the game, first put forward the opinions, and explain them to other players. After different opinions run in, players might come up with a new direction.


Cooperation is required to complete the level in the game, the same as working. Everyone has their position. Oneself can't complete a task, and sometimes it is necessary to rely on others.


Observe the surrounding during the game, and use different angles to solve the puzzles.

After participating in our Team Building activities,
everyone in your team could become a leader and lead everyone forward!

Customized Reality Game


Level Up will first learn about the aim, theme and targets of the game. We will then provide professional advice to you after the site inspection.

After implementation, we will conceive and start preparing your game, customizing property and required materials, and your own alternate reality game will finally launch!

Understanding the situation

Learn about theaim/theme and participants of the game


On-site insoections/site advice provided


Conceive game: story, levels and details


Prepare and customizeprops and materials

Ready to go

Launch the game

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